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January 04
What was your favorite WebPart for 2004?
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Last year was the first full calendar year in which developers were able to show off their WebPart skills.
To that effect, I would love to have folks chime in and nominate their favorite WebPart of 2004. 
Think about these questions and post a comment or send me email.
  • Was there one WebPart (or perhaps a set of WebParts) that absolutely rocked your world? 
  • How did it help you?  Did it make your life better, help you land a client, make you look super smart?
  • Was the WebPart developed in-house? Did you buy it?
  • Could it be used on both SharePoint and Portal (i.e. WSS and SPS)?
  • Maybe you didn't have a favorite... any reason why?
Maybe someone will read about your favorite WebPart and say "hey, I didn't know that existed... I've got to check it out!"  :)


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